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Nothing in Common (1986)

This disjointed but still effective comedy features the strained relationship of workaholic son David Basner (Tom Hanks) and his crusty father, Max (Jackie Gleason) which undergoes a serious transformation, leading to a better understanding between the two.

It wanders all over the place but the lead performances are good and the story rings with many truths.

David Basner
Tom Hanks
Max Basner
Jackie Gleason
Lorraine Basner
Eva Marie Saint
Charlie Gargas
Hector Elizondo
Andrew Woolridge
Barry Corbin
Donna Mildred Martin
Bess Armstrong
Cheryl Ann Wayne
Sela Ward
Shelley the Stewardess
Cindy Harrell
Roger the Commercial Director
John Kapelos
David’s Secretary
Carol Messing
Ted Geller
Bill Applebaum
Mona Lyden
Anthony Starke
Julio Alonso
Jane Morris

Garry Marshall