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Nude Bomb, The (1980)

Strictly for TV nostalgia freaks, The Nude Bomb unsuccessfully attempted to resurrect the characters created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry for the hit 1960s spy-spoof TV series, Get Smart.

But with the absence of Barbara Feldon and Edward Platt (who were integral to the series as Agent 99 and The Chief respectively), the screenplay laboured under a decided disadvantage in the telling of a tale that involved Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) attempting to prevent the evil organisation KAOS from launching a missile designed to send the whole world into a state of nudity.

The cast included Sylvia Kristel, Rhonda Fleming, Dana Elcar, Pamela Hensley, Andrea Howard, Norman Lloyd, Bill Dana and Gary Imhof.

The movie was directed by Clive Donner who – hampered by the show’s lack of satirical bite – wasn’t really able to do much with it. Ironically (considering Maxwell Smart was originally meant to be a parody of James Bond) The Nude Bomb wasn’t even as funny as Moonraker!

Maxwell Smart (Agent 86)
Don Adams
Agent 34
Sylvia Kristel
Edith Von Secondberg
Rhonda Fleming
Dana Elcar
Agent 36
Pamela Hensley
Agent 22
Andrea Howard
Norman Lloyd
Jonathan Levinson Seigle
Bill Dana
Jerry Krovney
Gary Imhoff
Pam Krovney
Sarah Rush
Sauvage / Nino Salvatori Sebastiani
Vittorio Gassman
Thomas Hill
Ceil Cabot
Agent 13
Joey Forman

Clive Donner