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Against All Odds (1984)

A thick, incoherent plot trips up this steamy melodrama about fading football player Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) sent to track down Jessie Wyler (Rachel Ward), the runaway mistress of small-time bookie and nightclub owner Jake Wise (James Woods).

The story ranges from a torrid love affair in Mexico to corruption, murder and double crosses in Los Angeles.

An exciting car chase on Sunset Boulevard (between a Porsche 911 SC and a Ferrari 308 GTSi) brings the film to its climax but fails to resolve the plot, and what worked well as a modestly-produced 1940s film noir (Out of the Past), now looks overblown.

Jane Greer features as Ward’s Mother, Richard Widmark is Greer’s real-estate agent husband, and Alex Karras is a football buddy of Bridges, sent to Mexico by Woods to see what is going on between Bridges and Ward.

The film spawned a singles chart hit for Phil Collins with the wistful opening theme, Take A Look At Me Now.

Terry Brogan
Jeff Bridges
Jessie Wyler
Rachel Ward
Jake Wise
James Woods
Mrs Wyler
Jane Greer
Hank Sully
Alex Karras
Ben Caxton
Richard Widmark
Dorian Harewood
Swoosie Kurtz
Steve Kirsch
Saul Rubinek
Ed Phillips
Pat Corley
Head Coach
Bill McKinney

Taylor Hackford