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Pacific Banana (1981)

The bawdy adventures of two Australian pilots working for Banana Airlines, a small low-rent South Pacific airline, as they cavort around the South Pacific.


Paul (Robin Stewart of Bless This House fame) is a wildly successful womaniser, leaving conquests at every port while Martin (Graeme Blundell) is sad and lonely in his search for true love.

Martin suffers from an odd affliction which means that every time he’s about to have sex he has a sneezing fit and loses his erection.

Their shapely stewardesses are Sally (Deborah Gray) and Mandy (Alyson Best). Paul is engaged (and unfaithful) to both of them!

pacificbanana8The Pacific Banana crew end up at the island sex resort of Candy Bubbles (Luan Peters), where well-endowed Candy and her gang of sexy female employees try to “cure” Martin.

At the same time, Martin is pursued by his employer’s nubile, pig-tailed daughter, Julia (Helen Hemingway), who follows him around like a puppy dog.

Filmed on location in Tahiti, Pacific Banana features absolutely gorgeous scenery . . . and bare breasts. The campy narration is truly dire and sounds like it was added as an afterthought.

Graeme Blundell was cast in this bawdy comedy based on his very popular Alvin Purple screen persona in the 1970s Australian sex comedies.

Martin Budd
Graeme Blundell
Paul Davidson
Robin Stewart
Deborah Gray
Alyson Best
Julia Blandings
Helen Hemingway
Manuia Taie
Candy Bubbles
Luan Peters
Lady Blandings
Audine Leith
Sir Harry Blandings
Alan Hopgood

John D. Lamond