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Phenomena (1985)

If Inferno (1980) is Dario Argento’s most abstract assault, the underrated Phenomena (1985) is by far his weirdest.

A maniac is decapitating the girls at a posh private school in “Swiss Transylvania” and entomologist Professor John McGregor (Donald Pleasence) can establish the time of death only by studying the maggots infesting the victims’ decomposed heads.

Into this icky situation comes lovely young student Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly) who happens to “enjoy” an instant and loving rapport with insects of all kinds. When her roommate turns up headless, Jen uses her insect-whispering skills to recruit her bug buddies to help McGregor solve the sickening case.

Soundtrack songs from Andi Sex Gang don’t help enliven proceedings and Argento lobs in razor-wielding chimps and dagger-toothed dwarves for good measure, juggling so many ideas that the film doesn’t know what to do with them all. But it’s all held together by a rich, eerie atmosphere that smothers and glows like a cloud of fireflies.

Jennifer Corvino
Jennifer Connelly
Frau Brückner
Daria Nicolodi
Vera Brandt
Fiore Argento
Federica Mastroianni
Gisela Sulzer
Fiorenza Tessari
Dalila Di Lazzaro
Inspector Rudolf Geiger 
Patrick Bauchau
Professor John McGregor
Donald Pleasence
UBS Bank Teller
Alberto Cracco
Karl, Sophie’s Boyfriend
Kaspar Capparoni
Morris Shapiro
Mario Donatone
EEG Doctor
Antonio Maimone
Brückner Son
Davide Marotta
Mr Sulzer
Fulvio Mingozzi
Francesca Ottaviani

Dario Argento