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Polyester (1981)

Former Baltimore hairdresser Harris Glenn Milstead carved quite a career for himself as cinematic drag queen Divine (he was given the name by director and friend John Waters).

Divine hated being called a transvestite (although he didn’t mind eating dog faeces and performing fellatio in Pink Flamingos). “These are simply my working clothes,” he said, “that’s how I make people laugh”.


Francine Fishpaw
Todd Tomorrow
Tab Hunter
Cuddles Kovinsky
Edith Massey
Elmer Fishpaw
David Samson
Lu-Lu Fishpaw
Mary Garlington
Dexter Fishpaw
Ken King
Sandra Sullivan
Mink Stole
La Rue
Joni Ruth White
Bo-Bo Belsinger
Stiv Bators
Hans Kramm
Dr Arnold Quackenshaw
Rick Breitenfeld
Freddy Ashton
Michael Watson

John Waters