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Prick Up Your Ears (1987)

The life of doomed gay British playwright Joe Orton gets a no-holds-barred but sure-handed telling by director Stephen Frears in this funny and moving biopic, with Gary Oldman giving a marvellous performance as the promiscuous cheeky chappy.

Alan Bennett’s wonderful script is full of hilarious one-liners and is more interesting when focusing on what it meant to be homosexual in the 1960s rather than on Orton’s lauded theatrical achievements.

Yet, with Alfred Molina also punching his acting weight as jealous older lover Kenneth Halliwell, this is still British film-making at its finest.

Joe Orton
Gary Oldman
Kenneth Halliwell
Alfred Molina
Peggy Ramsay
Vanessa Redgrave
John Lahr
Wallace Shawn
Anthea Lahr
Lindsay Duncan
Elsie Orton
Julie Walters
William Orton
James Grant
Mrs Sugden
Janet Dale
Mr Sugden
Dave Atkins
Leonie Orton
Frances Barber

Stephen Frears