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Ratboy (1986)

Sondra Locke directs and stars in yet another tale of an exploited misfit. This time it’s a half boy, half rat creature (SL Baird) and again we have the archetypal outsider being exposed and promoted as a weird commercial fairground attraction.

Plucked from the comfort of his Hollywood rubbish dump into a media circus, Ratboy is “rescued” by Locke, who is posing as a journalist. Her motives aren’t altruistic though, as she has her own plans to exploit her media-friendly protégé.

Unlike ET, Ratboy isn’t cute and won’t tug on your heartstrings which may leave you indifferent as to his plight.

Nikki Morrison
Sondra Locke
Robert Townsend
Acting coach
Christopher Hewett
Larry Hankin
Sydney Lassick
Billy Morrison
Gerrit Graham
Omer Morrison
Louie Anderson
S L Baird

Sondra Locke