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Raw Force (1982)

A group of vacationing martial arts students on a cruise ship accidentally wind up on Warrior Island, where precious Jade is being mined by traders who are working in cahoots with cannibalistic monks who sacrifice some of their potential meals (all attractive nubile women supplied by a German who appears to be Hitler’s chubby brother!) to a graveyard full of Kung Fu warriors, who come back from the dead to protect the monks.

Oh, and the waters around the island are filled with piranhas.

The filmmakers decided much of the movie – shot on location in the Philippines – didn’t need to make any sense but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

With a lot of gratuitous nudity, bad special effects, zombie warriors, stock footage from other movies, and a lot of poorly choreographed Kung Fu fight sequences, Raw Force is the low-budget martial arts action-horror film you never knew you needed to see.

Sit back and enjoy this glorious mess for all it’s worth.

Captain Harry Dodds
Cameron Mitchell
Mike O’Malley
Geoffrey Binney
Hazel Buck
Hope Holiday
Cookie Winchell
Jillian Kesner
John Taylor
John Dresden
Ann Davis
Jennifer Holmes
Go Chin
Rey Malonzo (Rey King)
Eileen Fox
Carla Reynolds
Lloyd Davis
Carl Anthony
Gary Schwartz
John Locke
Mark Tanous
Thomas Speer
Ralph Lombardi
Chanda Romero

Edward Murphy