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Return of Captain Invincible, The (1983)

“Into the blue!”

In World War II, Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin) used his superpowers against gangsters and the Nazis, and he was a hero. But when McCarthy’s Senate Subcommittee accused him of supporting the Communists, he retired to Australia in the 1950s.

Now, after an American super-secret Hypno-Ray superweapon is stolen, he’s asked to come back to help. Unfortunately, he’s now an alcoholic.

Eventually, a policewoman named Patty (Kate Fitzpatrick) convinces him to put his cape back on, clean up his act, and save the world. But first, the legend in a leotard must learn how to fly all over again, regain control over his magnetic powers, and reprogram his amazing computer brain.

The film was originally not a musical but director Philippe Mora (a huge fan of musicals who had always aspired to make one) requested to have the script changed to transform it into a musical.

Christopher Lee steals the film as dastardly arch-villain Mr Midnight, whose nefarious plot is to sucker a lot of “racially impure” New Yorkers into buying shoreside cottages and then send the whole community off into the ocean.

Captain Invincible
Alan Arkin
Mr Midnight
Christopher Lee
Patty Patria
Kate Fitzpatrick
Bill Hunter
US President
Michael Pate
Australian Prime Minister
Graham Kennedy
Hayes Gordon
Max Phipps
New York Police Captain
Alfred Sandor
Maitre D’
Chris Haywood
Brian Adams
Little Hank
John McCall
Doug McGrath
Invincible’s Mother
Virginia Rooksby
Invincible’s ‘Father’
Joe Catucci
Midnight’s Doctor
Bruce Spence
Italian Salesman
David Argue
Deli Owner
John Bluthal
Tour Guide
Chelsea Brown
Italian Man
Max Cullen
Airforce General
Noel Ferrier

Philippe Mora