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Return to Oz (1985)

This belated sequel to the classic The Wizard of Oz (1939) sends 9-year-old Dorothy (Fairuza Balk) off to electric shock therapy and then to a nightmare version of Oz where the mad Princess Mombi (Jean Marsh) and the evil Nome King (Nicol Williamson) are destroying everything that makes the magical land beautiful.

The Nome King has turned everyone to stone and Mombi is after more human heads for her collection.

Dorothy swears to restore Oz with the help of some new friends while being chased by some disturbing new villains.

The special effects are still outstanding, as are the sets, the lighting, the costumes and the characters.

Despite the presence of a talking chicken (Billina), this is a frighteningly grim and sinister fantasy. The events and characters are quite macabre and the heavier and darker tone of the film is perhaps not even suitable for the Disney-target group.

Return to Oz was nominated for 5 Oscars. It won none and vanished completely for 20 years.

Watch out for the Wheelers (pictured at right), they’ll haunt you for life!

Fairuza Balk
Dr Worley/Nome King
Nicol Williamson
Nurse Wilson/Mombi
Jean Marsh
Aunt Em
Piper Laurie
Uncle Henry
Matt Clark
Michael Sundin
Tim Rose
Tik-Tok (voice)
Sean Barrett
Mak Wilson
Billina (voice)
Denise Bryer
Jack Pumpkinhead
Stewart Larange
Jack Pumpkinhead (voice)
Brian Henson
Stephen Norrington
Gump (voice)
Lyle Conway
Justin Case
Cowardly Lion
John Alexander
Tin Man
Deep Roy
Emma Ridley
Mombi II
Sophie Ward
Mombi III
Fiona Victory
Lead Wheeler
Pons Maar
Rachel Ashton
Robbie Barnett
Ailsa Berk
Peter Elliott
Roger Ennals
Michele Hine
Mark Hopkins
Colin Skeaping
Ken Stevens
Philip Tan
Rob Thirtle

Walter Murch