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Rhinestone (1984)

Contrary to popular belief, Sylvester Stallone does have the knack for comedy, albeit in a light form. However, he frequently lacks the ability to judge if a script is good, especially if he’s involved in its writing, as he was with this modern take on Pygmalion.

Country star, Dolly Parton takes a bet on whether she can turn cab driver Stallone into a country singer and the results, as far as both the wager and their interest in each other is concerned, are as expected.

The two stars are up to it but, except for a hilarious scene in a funeral home, the movie simply isn’t funny. Criticism of the movie always includes jabs at Stallone’s singing – but it’s actually passable.

Sylvester Stallone
Dolly Parton
Richard Farnsworth
Ron Leibman
Tim Thomerson
Steven Apostlee Peck

Bob Clark