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River, The (1984)

A rural couple (Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek) battle against nature and the machinations of a local landowner (Scott Glenn) in this well-shot, but fairly inconsequential drama from director Mark Rydell.

Besides the pretty scenery, the film is chiefly of interest for a pre-superstardom Gibson, taking the kind of unsympathetic role that would give studios heartburn nowadays.

The film is great evidence of Mel’s matinee idol looks and baby-blue sexuality, but it’s not one of his best performances and is hampered by a superficial script that gives the protagonists an unlikely “love rivals” backstory.

Tom Garvey
Mel Gibson
Mae Garvey
Sissy Spacek
Joe Wade
Scott Glenn
Harve Stanley
Billy Green Bush
Lewis Garvey
Shane Bailey
Beth Garvey
Becky Jo Lynch
James Tolkan
Jack Starrett
Barry Primus
Betty Gaumer
Amy Rydell

Mark Rydell