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Running On Empty (1988)

River Phoenix stars as Danny – the musically gifted child of two former student radicals (Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti) who have been on the run from the FBI for almost 20 years since the couple bombed a university research centre, blinding a janitor in the blast.

Living out of suitcases, the couple has been unable to stay anywhere long but face a dilemma when their son is accepted at music college.

Both Phoenix and Hirsch are splendid, and director Sidney Lumet manages to keep the drama subtle instead of dissolving into mush.

Annie Pope
Christine Lahti
Danny Pope
River Phoenix
Arthur Pope
Judd Hirsch
Lorna Phillips
Martha Plimpton
Harry Pope
Jonas Abry
Mr Phillips
Ed Crowley
Gus Winant
L M Kit Carson

Sidney Lumet