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S.O.B. (1981)

You don’t expect this sort of ill-conceived vitriol from Blake Edwards, creator of the amiable, if idiotic, Inspector Clouseau, especially when Edwards’s wife Julie Andrews – the wholesome Mary Poppins herself – is the star.

Yet – posing as a satirical comedy – this attack on Hollywood values, is one of the rudest and crudest flicks ever made at the expense of Tinseltown, as Richard Mulligan, playing a director, decides to turn his art-movie stinker into a soft-porn success, with screen-wife Andrews in the leading role.

As the showbiz in-fighting gets worse, it’s obvious that Edwards is paying off old, rancorous scores, but such personal venom slows down the pace and the point – though Clouseau will never seem the same again.

Sally Miles
Julie Andrews
Tim Culley
William Holden
Felix Farmer
Richard Mulligan
Dick Benson
Larry Hagman
Herb Maskowitz
Robert Loggia
Gary Murdock
Stuart Margolin
Marisa Berenson
Dr Irving Finegarten
Robert Preston
Willard Gaylin
Craig Stevens
Polly Reed
Loretta Swit
David Blackman
Robert Vaughn
Ben Coogan
Robert Webber
Eva Brown
Shelley Winters
Jennifer Edwards
Katherine MacMurray
Rosanna Arquette

Blake Edwards