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Salute Of The Jugger, The (1988)

A brutally violent sport (combining rugby, basketball and gratuitous violence) becomes popular in a post-apocalyptic America, both in the luxurious underground cities and the poor settlements struggling to survive on the surface.

Rutger Hauer stars as Sallow, a veteran player of the sport who has been reduced to leading a ragtag outfit of semi-pros from village to village to take on all comers.

Ambitious apprentice Kidda (Joan Chen) finally spurs him towards a return to the big city from whence he was banished, and a showdown with the elite teams.

It sounds like Mad Max (1979) meets Rollerball (1975) but actually resembles TV’s Gladiators on the cheap. A definite career low for David Webb Peoples, the writer of such masterpieces as Blade Runner (1982) and Unforgiven (1992), who made his directorial debut here.

Rutger Hauer
Joan Chen
Young Gar
Vincent D’Onofrio
Delroy Lindo
Big Cimber
Anna Katarina
Gandhi MacIntyre
Dog Boy
Justin Monju
Max Fairchild
Lord Vile
Hugh Keays-Byrne

David Webb Peoples