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Sea Of Love (1989)

Al Pacino stars as Frank Keller, an alcoholic New York homicide cop in the depths of a mid-life crisis.

Frank begins investigating a serial killer who finds her victims through the personal ads and kills them while the song Sea of Love plays on the stereo.

Responding to one of the ads himself, Frank finds himself falling in love with sultry blonde shoe store manager Helen (Ellen Barkin), who also happens to be the most likely suspect.

Pacino’s riveting performance – his first film in four years – was the first in many years to gain considerable critical acclaim and box office success, making the movie instrumental in his comeback in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Detective Frank Keller
Al Pacino
Helen Cruger
Ellen Barkin
Detective Sherman
John Goodman
Terry Cruger
Michael Rooker
Frank Keller Sr.
William Hickey
Richard Jenkins
Paul Calderon
Gene Canfield
Larry Joshua
John Spencer
Gina Gallagher/Lonelyheart
Christine Estabrook
Miss Allen
Barbara Baxley
Raymond Brown
Michael O’Neill

Harold Becker