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Seventh Sign, The (1988)

Demi Moore plays Abby Quinn – A young, unstable, and very pregnant woman living in Venice, California – who leases her garage apartment to mysterious David, who seems to be trying to claim the soul and the life of her unborn child.

Little does she knows that he is Christ incarnate and has come to open each of the seven seals and release upon the wicked world the prophesied disasters of the apocalypse.


Apparently, God has lost hope in mankind and he’s really pissed!

“David” has already broken six seals (causing Israeli villages to freeze over, Nicaraguan rivers to run with blood, and Haitian beaches to become covered with fish) and now with Abby’s baby prepares to break the seventh.

Meanwhile, David himself is stalked by the mysterious Father Lucci who has more than a passing interest in Apocalyptic prophesies . . .

This film is a bit confusing at times with a little much mumbo-jumbo about the Apocalypse. Just about everything and everyone is a portent of some kind, and the most seemingly innocuous events are underscored by the strains of Gregorian chant.

The Seventh Sign does become interesting when in one scene, a pregnant Moore takes off her bathrobe, revealing her naked frame (Her big belly is a prosthetic prop).

By the way – don’t panic . . . the apocalypse never arrives.

Abby Quinn
Demi Moore
Russell Quinn

Michael Biehn

Jürgen Prochnow
Jimmy Zaragoza

John Taylor

Manny Jacobs
Father Lucci

Peter Friedman

John Heard

Carl Schultz