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She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

Spike Lee’s directorial debut hasn’t lost any of its vitality over the years and remains his most genuinely entertaining work, refreshingly free of much of the political rhetoric which occasionally overcomes his other projects.


Tracy Camila Johns is Nola Darling, a strong-willed uninhibited young woman with an addiction to sex who refuses to be tied down to one of three suitors out to tame her.

Lee has plenty of fun deflating the macho egos on parade, grabbing many of the best lines for himself as the irritatingly persistent Mars Blackmon.


Vividly shot in black and white apart from one lovely colour sequence at the end.

Nola Darling
Tracy Camila Johns
Jamie Overstreet
Tommy Redmond Hicks
Greer Childs
John Canada Terrell
Mars Blackmon
Spike Lee
Opal Gilstrap
Raye Dowell
Clorinda Bradford
Joie Lee
Dr Jamison
S Epatha Merkerson
Sonny Darling
Bill Lee
Cheryl Burr
Aaron Dugger
Stephanie Covington
Renata Cobbs

Spike Lee