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Spies Like Us (1985)

A pair of inept government workers are recruited to act as unwitting and disposable decoy agents for the CIA on a top-secret mission that involves the US Star Wars program (America’s Strategic Defense Initiative).

With films such as The Blues Brothers (1980) to his credit, John Landis forged himself the reputation of being one of Hollywood’s slickest comedy directors. But this highly resistible throwaway spoof is one of his failures.

spieslikeus03Paired for the first time in a film, former Saturday Night Live alumni Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase simply fail to gel, and there’s little fun to be had once the boisterous training school gags are exhausted.

Except for Donna Dixon, who somehow manages to seem fresh and engaging in a silly role as Chase’s love interest, the supporting cast is reduced to a corps of straight men. Steve Forrest is stuck with an especially thankless role as war-hungry General Sline.

Cold comfort can be obtained from a brief appearance by Bob Hope, and movie aficionados can while away the time playing spot the famous film-makers in a variety of cameo roles.

Emmett Fitz-Hume
Chevy Chase
Austin Millbarge
Dan Aykroyd
General Sline
Steve Forrest
Karen Boyer
Donna Dixon
Mr Ruby
Bruce Davison
Colonel Rhombus
Bernie Casey
Mr Keyes
William Prince
General Miegs
Tom Hatten
Test monitor
Frank Oz
Jerry Hadley
Charles McKeown
Rob Hodges
James Daughton
Bud Schnelker
Jim Staahl
Bob Hope

John Landis