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Stainless Steel and the Star Spies (1981)

This hour-long fantasy TV movie produced by Euston Films aired on New Year’s Day 1981.

Stainless Steel is the gallant commander of the Metalien Space Saucer Compromise. A metal alien from the distant planet of Metalia, he and his crew (including Lieutenant Utensil, Professor Gizmo, Gadget and Canz) are returning to their home to present their ruler, Kublai Chrome, with a Kleptonite Ball – the key to galactic domination.

The ball is so volatile that one tiny particle is enough to blow the entire universe sky high.

But in space, the SS Compromise collides with an Earth Capsule, causing the Kleptonite Ball, on tow, to break loose and fall to Earth. The Metaliens MUST recover the ball or they will be melted down in Kublai Chrome’s furnace . . .

Insult of insults, the Metaliens believe that Earth is a ‘Don’t Matter’ planet in the boondocks of the Universe, the primitive life forms of which celebrate strange festive traditions . . . such as Christmas.

A tipsy vicar (Deryck Guyler) spots the Kleptonite Ball which finds its way into the shopping basket of a passing woman – where it nestles down among the grapefruits and melons.

So is introduced Klepto, a strange but endearing metallic sphere, who is to be sent to earth by the Metaliens to recover the ball – and who is destined to fall in love with a disinterested Hoover!

Featuring a blend of live-action and puppetry (which was based on the robots from the Cadbury’s Smash advertising campaign), Stainless Steel and the Star Spies was written by celebrated cartoonist Gray Jolliffe and produced by Verity Lambert.

Ed Bishop
Bob Hoskins
Al Matthew
Bill McAllister
Paddie O’Neil
Christopher Sandford
Graham Stark
Marc Smith
Miss Ruby
Fabia Drake
Anna Karen
Deryck Guyler
Debbie Farrington
Charles Pemberton