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Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984)

Barely surviving the wrath of Khan, the battle-scarred starship Enterprise limps back to Earth, saved only by the sacrifice of the late Captain Spock. However, the Vulcan’s spirit is still with the crew, and back on the artificial Eden of the new Genesis planet his corpse is missing.

searchforspockAgainst orders, Admiral Kirk decides to hijack the Enterprise and lead the search for Spock in order to bring him home.

It’s a good character-driven story, undermined by Leonard Nimoy’s workmanlike direction, a pseudo-mystical ending and an all-pervasive funereal tone that permeates every frame.

However, the amazing special effects supply enough wonder and emotional charge to prevent the third big-screen outing from turning into nothing more than a bloated TV episode.

Admiral James T Kirk
William Shatner
Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
George Takei
Walter Koenig
Nichelle Nichols
Christopher Lloyd
Lieutenant Saavik
Robin Curtis
David Marcus
Merritt Butrick
Captain Styles
James B Sikking
Ambassador Sarek
Mark Lenard
Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy