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Street Trash (1987)

In the basement of a New York liquor store, the owner finds a crate of cheap wine called Viper and decides to sell it for a dollar to neighbourhood hobos. Those who drink it melt in horrific ways.

Domineering cop Bill (Bill Chepil) is investigating the mysterious and grotesque deaths while trying to topple deranged Vietnam veteran Bronson (Vic Noto) who is the self-proclaimed king of the bums.

At a local junkyard, brothers Kevin (Mark Sferrazza) and Fred (Mike Lackey) cope with homelessness and deal with the lecherous manager Frank (R.L. Ryan), sultry female secretary Wendy (Jane Arakawa) and the other psychotic inhabitants.

Fred brings trouble to their doorstep by sleeping with the drunk mistress (Miriam Zucker) of mobster/restaurateur Nick “the Dick” Duran (Tony Darrow). Fred already has Bronson on his back since he’s been ambushing his “foot brigade” for the price of a drink – but when Duran’s girlfriend washes up dead in a nearby canal after having been raped by Bronson’s horde, Fred soon has both the law and the mob on his tail.

Street Trash received a limited theatrical release in 1987 but gained a devoted cult following on VHS and DVD.

Mike Lackey
Bill the cop
Bill Chepil
Vic Noto
Mark Sferrazza
Jane Arakawa
Nicole Potter
Frank Schnizer
RL Ryan
Nick “the Dick” Duran
Tony Darrow
Clarenze Jarmon

J Michael Muro