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Streets of Fire (1984)

Billed as a “rock ‘n’ roll fable”, Walter Hill’s enjoyably offbeat movie – although a box office flop – jabs the right buttons to qualify as a cult favourite.

The plot sees tough ex-soldier Tom Cody (Michael Paré) return home to rescue his rockstar ex-girlfriend Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) from the clutches of a motorcycle gang called The Bombers, led by the menacing Raven (Willem Dafoe).

Cue fisticuffs and fireworks as Tom, aided by a tough-talking female sidekick (Amy Madigan), hikes over to the bad part of town and unlocks Ellen from the bed to which she’s been handcuffed and begins a showdown.

Riffing on Westerns, musicals, 50s aesthetics and 80s buddy movie conventions, it’s a highly stylised brew that delivers a hot blast of escapism. Streets of Fire is fast and loud, with music from Ry Cooder and Jim Steinman.

Tom Cody
Michael Paré
Ellen Aim
Diane Lane
Laurie Sargent (singing voice)
Billy Fish
Rick Moranis
Amy Madigan
Raven Shaddock
Willem Dafoe
Reva Cody
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Officer Ed Price
Richard Lawson
Officer Cooley
Rick Rossovich
Clyde the Bartender
Bill Paxton
Lee Ving
Bird – The Sorels
Stoney Jackson
Reggie – The Sorels
Grand L. Bush
Lester – The Sorels
Robert Townsend
B.J. – The Sorels
Mykelti Williamson
Baby Doll
Elizabeth Daily

Walter Hill