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Summer Rental (1985)

Air Traffic Controller Jack Chester (John Candy) is advised that he needs a rest when he tries to identify a fly on his computer screen as a low-flying plane.

So he packs up his wife, dog and children and heads for Citrus Cove in Florida where the family moves into what looks like the perfect beach house. It’s not.

Things take a number of bad turns and Candy gets funnier as the situation deteriorates.

The film has no ending to speak of – it simply stops after a sailing regatta at the end is won. Fortunately, the movie also has Rip Torn (as a restaurateur where the ‘Catch of the Day’ is invariably frozen fish sticks) and Richard Crenna.

Jack Chester
John Candy
Sandy Chester
Karen Austin
Jennifer Chester
Kerri Green
Bobby Chester
Joey Lawrence
Laurie Chester
Aubrey Jene
Al Pellet
Richard Crenna
Rip Torn
Don Moore
John Larroquette
Angus MacLachlan
Richard Herd
Santos Morales
Lois Hamilton
Carmine Caridi
Frank McCarthy

Carl Reiner