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Super Fuzz (1980)

Recently-graduated Miami police officer Dave Speed (Terence Hill) is on an ex-Indian reservation in the desert near a military shooting range when the fallout from an exploding nuclear missile gives him superpowers.

Dave is now able to move objects with his mind, see through solid objects, read minds, teleport, walk on water, levitate and hypnotise people to do his bidding – all to the complete disbelief of his veteran partner, Willy Dunlop (Ernest Borgnine).

The two cops are soon battling the forces of mob boss Tony Torpedo (Marc Lawrence) who is running a counterfeiting ring.

Dave’s powers, though, are rendered useless whenever he sees the colour red.

Torpedo frames Dave for the death of Willy and he is sent to death row. As a result of his new-found invulnerability, however, the authorities try unsuccessfully three times to execute him – failing to kill him via hanging, shooting and gassing.

Officer Dave Speed
Terence Hill
Sgt. Willy Dunlop
Ernest Borgnine
Rosy Labouche
Joanne Dru
Tony Torpedo
Marc Lawrence
Evelyn Dunlop
Julie Gordon
Lee Sandman
Paradise Alley
Sal Borgese
NASA Major
Woody Woodbury
Herb Goldstein
Slot Machine
Sergio Smacchi
Don Sebastian

Sergio Corbucci