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Supergrass, The (1985)

In this so-so comedy spin-off from the Comic Strip Presents TV series set in the West Country, Dennis (Ade Edmondson) poses as a drug dealer to impress his girlfriend.

However, he finds that the pretence also fools the police, who pressure him into grassing on his nonexistent drugs ring.

There’s a decent supporting cast here with Crossroads star Ronald Allen as a slightly sinister police chief. Alexei Sayle is a motorcycle policeman and Robbie Coltrane is Det. Sgt. Troy.

Coltrane has the film’s best scene when he strides purposefully across a sea wall to the strains of Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

There’s also strong support from Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Peter Richardson, who also co-wrote and directed, but this is small-screen stuff that doesn’t stand up to big-screen scrutiny.

Ade Edmondson
Jennifer Saunders
Harvey Duncan
Peter Richardson
Dawn French
Keith Allen
Nigel Planer
Detective Sergeant Troy
Robbie Coltrane
Jim Jarvis
Daniel Peacock
Commander Robertson
Ronald Allen
Motorbike Cop
Alexei Sayle
Constable Collins
Michael Elphick
Constable Franks
Patrick Durkin
Bed and Breakfast Landlady
Marika Rivera
Mrs Carter
Rita Treisman
Lana Pellay

Peter Richardson