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Suspect (1987)

Objection your honour. The defence counsel is presenting herself as a harassed, hard-working public defender and she looks suspiciously like the glamorous film star Cher. Objection sustained.

Credibility is the first casualty in this Washington-set conspiracy romp, in which the murder of a Justice Department clerk and the suicide of a judge lead to revelations of corruption in high places.

It all tastes like Watergate warmed-over and Peter Yates’ direction amplifies rather than moderates the creakings of the plot.

But Cher and Dennis Quaid do their best, and their best is quite a lot: she as the ersatz Ms Perry Mason, he as a truant juror helping out with the sleuthing.

Kathleen Riley
Eddie Sanger
Dennis Quaid
Carl Wayne Anderson
Liam Neeson
Judge Matthew Bishop Helms
John Mahoney
Charlie Stella
Joe Mantegna
Paul Gray
Philip Bosco
Grace Comisky
E Katherine Kerr
Morty Rosenthal
Fred Melamed
Lisbeth Bartlett
Paul D’Amato
Bernie McInerney
Justice Lowell
Thomas Barbour
Elizabeth Quinn
Katie O’Hare

Peter Yates