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Swamp Thing (1982)

Brilliant and noble scientist Dr Alec Holland (Ray Wise) is trying to develop a plant which will have the aggressiveness of animals and be able to survive in hardy climates.

Federal agent Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) has been sent by the government to Holland’s swamp facility to help with security.

The evil Arcane (Louis Jourdan) breaks in to steal the formula, which is then accidentally spilt on Holland, who runs off into the swamp, re-emerging as the ‘Swamp Thing’ (Dick Durock).

The story is loosely based on a DC comic book so is (unsurprisingly) liberally dosed with action and inane dialogue. But the sight of Adrienne Barbeau sloshing through the swamp with her arms flailing and wet T-shirted breasts bouncing is worth the price of admission alone . . .

The movie generated one sequel, The Return of Swamp Thing (1989), and two television spin-offs – a live-action series (1990 – 1993) and a short-lived animated series (1991).

Louis Jourdan
Alice Cable
Adrienne Barbeau
Swamp Thing 
Dick Durock
Dr Alec Holland
Ray Wise
David Hess
Nicholas Worth
Don Knight
Al Ruban
Arcane monster
Ben Bates
Dr Linda Holland
Nannette Brown
Reggie Batts
Little Bruno
Tommy Madden

Wes Craven