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Teen Wolf (1985)

In this likeable, if lightweight, comedy, Scott Howard (Michael J Fox) is a teenager who longs to be a little less ordinary – until he discovers a family curse that kicks in when the Moon is full.

To his own surprise, he becomes the basketball team’s star player, the top pupil in his class, and wins over the girl of his dreams (albeit the wrong girl, as it transpires).

His real dilemma, however, is one of identity: Scott battles between his ‘true being’ (which remains even in his changed state) and the theatrics expected of him as ‘the wolf’.


Beneath the facial fur, this is just another film about growing pains, although it does feature cinema’s only werewolf slam-dunk sports sequence.

As the unfortunate teenager, the ever-engaging Fox is doing what he does best – turning a loser into a winner.

Teen Wolf was filmed during late 1984 during a break on Family Ties production.

It cost less than $1 million to produce and was filmed in a matter of weeks.

Jason Bateman took over in the needless sequel Teen Wolf Too (1987) after Back to the Future (1985) shot Fox to superstardom.

Scott Howard
Michael J Fox
Harold Howard
James Hampton
Lisa “Boof” Marconi
Susan Ursitti
Jerry Levine
Matt Adler
Lorie Griffin
Mr Thorne
James MacKrell
Mick McAllister
Mark Arnold
Coach Finstock 
Jay Tarses

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