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Teen Wolf Too (1987)

The original Teen Wolf (1985) was a big hit, although that was probably more to do with the fact that star Michael J Fox had just appeared in Back to the Future (1985).

The first movie was essentially a one-joke teen comedy and this sequel is just a lazy retread, with Jason Bateman playing struggling college student Todd Howard – the cousin to the Fox character.

Todd soon discovers that his lycanthropic genes work wonders for his sporting prowess (here it’s boxing rather than basketball) and his standing in high-school society.

Most actors have some skeletons in their closets but Jason Bateman, the star of the wonderful sitcom Arrested Development, must really cringe whenever this surfaces on TV.

Todd Howard
Jason Bateman
Professor Tanya Brooks
Kim Darby
Dean Dunn
John Astin
Coach Finstock
Paul Sand
Uncle Harold
James Hampton
Mark Holton
Estee Chandler
Robert Neary

Christopher Leitch