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Terror Train (1980)

During a beach bonfire on New Year’s Eve, college students Doc (Hart Bochner), Mitchy (Sandee Currie), Mo (Timothy Webber) and Alana (Jamie Lee Curtis) play a prank on dorky Kenny Hampson (Derek McKinnon) – putting him in bed with the cadaver of an old woman they stole from the university medical school – but things go too far and poor Kenny goes insane and ends up in an asylum.

Fast forward three years and the students are now seniors and have rented a train to hold a New Year’s Eve costume party.

But Kenny is on board and looking for revenge, and is exacting his payback in various costumes and disguises, including an alien lizard costume, the magician’s female assistant and (famously) a Groucho Marx mask.

The late great Ben Johnson (as Carne the train conductor) steals the show and emerges as the hero at the end. Real-life magician David Copperfield appears in the film as . . .  a magician (natch).

Basically, it’s a Canadian production of Halloween set on a train.

Alana Maxwell
Jamie Lee Curtis
Ben Johnson
Doc Manley
Hart Bochner
Kenny Hampson
Derek McKinnon
Mitchy (Michelle)
Sandee Currie
Timothy Webber
Anthony Sherwood
Ken the magician
David Copperfield
Howard Busgang
Charlie the brakeman
Steve Michaels
Class President
Greg Swanson
Vanity (DD Winters)
Joy Boushel
Victor Knight
Don Lamoreux

Roger Spottiswoode