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Year My Voice Broke, The (1987)

An intelligent, downbeat coming-of-age film set in Australia in 1962.

The 15-year-old protagonist Danny (Noah Taylor) suffers heartbreak when the girl he loves – the beautiful and free-spirited Freya (Loene Carmen) – becomes pregnant by older boy Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn) and then leaves town.

The young actors in the lovesick triangle – Taylor, Carmen, and Mendelsohn – bring their characters to life with subtle authority.

The much-acclaimed Flirting (1989), with Nicole Kidman, was a sequel of sorts, in which Danny, played again by Noah Taylor, goes to boarding school.

Danny Embling
Noah Taylor
Freya Olson
Loene Carmen
Ben Mendelsohn
Nils Olson
Graeme Blundell
Anne Olson
Lynette Curran
Bruce Embling
Malcolm Robertson
Sheila Embling
Judi Farr

John Duigan