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Over The Top (1987)

Dating from the post-Rambo period when Sylvester Stallone’s career was in the doldrums, this tacky drama has its roots in that old Wallace Beery classic The Champ.

Here, boxing is replaced by arm wrestling, as trucker Lincoln Hawk (Sly) tries to re-establish a relationship with his military academy-trained son on a make-up or break trek across the States.

The grapple scenes are so devoid of thrills that you long to return to the mushy melodramatics. It’s slick enough, but you expect more from a script co-written by Stallone and Stirling Silliphant, who won an Oscar for his work on In the Heat of the Night (1967).

Lincoln Hawk
Sylvester Stallone
Jason Cutler
Robert Loggia
Christina Hawk
Susan Blakely
Bob “Bull” Hurley
Rick Zumwalt
Michael Cutler
David Mendenhall
Tim Salanger
Chris McCarty
Terry Funk

Menahem Golan