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Toxic Avenger (1984)

Melvin Ferd (Mark Torgl) is a 90-pound weakling who works as the mop boy in the Tromaville health club.

One day, body-building bullies Bozo (Gary Schneider) and Slug (Robert Prichard) and bimbettes Julie (Cindy Manion) and Wanda (Jennifer Babtist) play a prank on Melvin that ends up with the nerd wearing a tutu in front of the laughing hordes. Things go horribly wrong when Melvin plunges out of a window into a truck carrying toxic waste.

Melvin starts mutating into a seven-foot muscle-bound monster (Mitch Cohen) with an insatiable need to rid his town of its criminal element. And so “The Toxic Avenger” takes to the streets of Tromaville and starts (literally) tearing criminals limb from limb.

At one point, he comes across a group of thugs about to waste a cop for not taking a bribe. In a grand fight with the four thugs, he tears two of their scalps off, knocks off one of their noses, pokes out another one’s eyes and saves the cop.

Later, a group of crazed punks try to rob a fast-food taco restaurant and are about to take advantage of a blind girl when Toxie shows up, tears off one of the assailant’s arms and beats him with it, makes a milkshake/sundae out of the other guy’s face, and puts the third punk’s hands into a vat of scolding French Fry grease.

Once he establishes himself as a local hero, Toxie exacts revenge on the foursome that turned him into what he is – Bozo, Slug, Julie and Wanda – and eventually sets his sights on the corrupt Mayor (Pat Ryan Jr.).

Amongst his most appreciative supporters are blind love interest Sara (Andree Maranda) and incorruptible Irish cop O’Clancy (Dick Martinsen).

No one could’ve predicted back in 1984 that this little low-budget indie gore-fest shot in Boonton, New Jersey, would go on to spawn three sequels, comic books, a television cartoon titled Toxic Crusaders and a slew of related toys and merchandise.

Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei makes her big-screen debut in the uncredited role of ‘health club girl’ in the movie.

The Toxic Avenger
Mitchell Cohen
Andree Maranda
Jennifer Babtist
Cindy Manion
Melvin Furd
Mark Torgl
Robert Prichard
Gary Schneider
Mayor Belgoody
Pat Ryan Jr.
Officer O’Clancy
Dick Martinsen
Walter Harris
Chris Liano
Chief of Police
David Weiss
Cigar Face
Dan Snow
Doug Isbeque
Charles Lee Jr
Pat Kilpatrick
Larry Sutton
Michael Russo
Mrs Haskell
Norma Pratt
Andy Craig
Ryan Sexton
Melvin’s Mother
Sarabel Levinson
Wrightson Al Pia
Dr Snodburger
Reuben Guss
Toxic Avenger’s Voice
Kenneth Kessler
Barbara J. Gurskey

Michael Herz
Samuel Weil