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Tremors (1989)

Perfection, Nevada is a dull American town in the middle of the desert which is suddenly attacked by huge man-eating subterranean creatures.

Luckily, two dimwitted but brave handymen, Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) step into the breach to lead a ragtag bunch of locals and a mismatched pair of survivalists in the battle against the gruesome worm-like monsters.

tremors4The spirit of the “Killer Bs” is gloriously resurrected in this, the ultimate story of the worm that turned.

Director Ron Underwood keeps both the action and laughs roaring along at a tremendous pace and there are a number of entertaining cameos, most notably from Michael Gross – the father in TV’s Family Ties – and country star Reba McEntire (in her acting debut) as an unlikely pair of survivalists.

Add to that a refreshingly tough and intelligent female lead (Finn Carter) and the result is an incredibly sharp and funny monster movie.

Valentine ‘Val’ McKee
Kevin Bacon
Earl Bassett
Fred Ward
Rhonda LeBeck
Finn Carter
Burt Gummer
Michael Gross
Heather Gummer
Reba McEntire
Melvin Plug
Bobby Jacoby
Charlotte Stewart
Tony Genaro
Ariana Richards
Richard Marcus
Walter Chang
Victor Wong
Sunshine Parker
Old Fred
Michael Dan Wagner
Conrad Bachmann
Bibi Besch
John Goodwin

Ron Underwood