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Two Of A Kind (1983)

Five years on from Grease (1978), John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John re-teamed for a fantasy romance about a couple used as guinea pigs by God (voiced by Gene Hackman) in an experiment to prove that not all mortals are irredeemably corrupt.

Travolta plays lowly would-be inventor Zack Melon who robs a bank to pay off his gangster debtors who are threatening to cut off his ears. Unfortunately, the teller he robs, Debbie (Newton-John), is dishonest herself and gives him a bag full of bits of paper, keeping the cash for herself with Zack getting the blame.

Unfortunately, as she hands over the bag, she is overheard asking Zack out, which gets her fired, But Debbie wants to become an actress and now feels she has the finances to help her along. Well, she can pay her rent, anyway.

Zack discovers the subterfuge and tracks Debbie down, which is where the romance begins.

These two stars do make a sweet couple, and they are both appealing here, it’s just the material that lets them down as they seem less quirky than generally unreliable. Played as a screwball comedy, it has its stupid moments, and its endearing ones, but not enough of them.

The Devil turns up in the guise of Beasley, played by Oliver Reed with a glint in his eye as if he is enjoying himself enormously.

True fans of John and Livvy will probably quite like it. Others will view it more as a wet weekend in Blackpool than a fortnight in Grease.

Zack Melon
John Travolta
Debbie Wylder
Olivia Newton-John
Charles Durning
Oliver Reed
Beatrice Straight
Scatman Crothers
Richard Bright
Vincent Bufano
Toni Kalem
Detective Skaggs
Ernie Hudson
Mr Chotiner
Jack Kehoe
Captain Cinzari
Robert Costanzo
Castulo Guerra
Deborah Dalton
Detective Bruno
Tony Crupi
Jill Andre
God (voice)
Gene Hackman

John Herzfeld