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Under Fire (1983)

Russell Price (Nick Nolte) is a war photographer travelling the world in 1979 seeking out the most dangerous locations and taking photographs to record what often are atrocities, all with the compulsion to bring the reality of the conflicts to the readers of the news outlets he services.

At the moment, he is in Chad, where he is covering the civil war, but as he does so, travelling with a rebel convoy, he meets an old friend, the mercenary Oates (Ed Harris), who alerts him that the real story as far as he is concerned is the one in Central America, where the shady Samoza regime in Nicaragua that has been propped up by the Americans is looking perilously close to toppling. Price books his ticket.

Backing up Nolte was Gene Hackman as journalist  Alex Grazier, the other person in a love triangle with Claire Stryder (Joanna Cassidy), also a scribe. Jean-Louis Trintignant was a CIA man who happened to be French.

Russell Price
Nick Nolte
Ed Harris
Alex Grazier
Gene Hackman
Claire Stryder
Joanna Cassidy
Alma Martinez
Regis Seydor
Hamilton Camp
Marcel Jazy
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Hub Kittle
Richard Masur
Miss Panama
Jenny Gago
Eloy Phil Casados
President Somoza
René Enríquez
Jorge Zepeda

Roger Spottiswoode