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Vice Academy (1989)

A group of cadets train at a police academy to join the Hollywood vice squad in this low budget b-movie Police Academy knock-off.

The feisty Didi (Linnea Quigley), the ditsy Shawnee (Karen Russell), and lunk-headed Dwayne (Ken Abraham) infiltrate a seedy porno operation and a notorious prostitution ring.

Porn queen Ginger Lynn portrays the spoiled, stuck-up Holly Wells – whose father is the Chief of Police – with deliciously bitchy flair and there are nifty supporting turns from Jayne Hamil as strict instructor Miss Thelma Louise Devonshire; Stephen Steward as hunky porn stud Chucky Long; Jean Carol as over-the-top evil flesh peddler Queen Bee; Stephanie Bishop as demanding lady porno director Desiree; Christian Barr as forlorn former porn starlet Cherry Pop; Tamara Clatterbuck as snarly streetwalker Tinsel; Jo Steele as brassy hooker Sparkle; and Manny Serrano as scummy drug dealer Snake.

It’s a crude, tacky affair but almost worth it for the breasts. Unbelievably, there were two sequels (in 1990 and 1991).

Linnea Quigley
Holly Wells
Ginger Lynn
Karen Russell
Miss Thelma Louise Devonshire
Jayne Hamil
Ken Abraham
Chucky Long
Stephen Steward
Queen Bee
Jean Carol
Tamara Clatterbuck (Tami Bakke)
Jo Steele (Jo Brewer)
Manny Serrano
Police Chief Wells
Cliff Corder
Cherry Pop
Allison Barron (Christian Barr)
Viper (Stephanie Bishop)
Laundromat John
Daran Norris
Casting Agent
Mark Richardson

Rick Sloane