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Who Dares Wins (1982)

After the assassination of a top British government undercover agent, Scotland Yard decides to infiltrate the ranks of the anti-nuclear activist group responsible (the People’s Lobby) with a highly-trained member of the SAS (Special Air Service), Captain Peter Skellen (Lewis Collins), whose job it is to smash any future plans of the group.

But first, they must establish his credibility as a traitor, which they do by setting up a brutal skirmish between Skellen and a fellow SAS officer, resulting in Skellen’s court-martial and dismissal.

Skellen contacts the terrorist group’s ruthless rich-girl leader, American Frankie Leith (Judy Davis), and offers his services. Despite feelings of suspicion from her colleagues, she recognises in him a powerful ally who can provide valuable insight into the minds of the opposition.

However, she is not a complete fool. To ensure his loyalty to the cause she orders his wife and baby daughter be taken prisoner and – if Skellen does not keep his side of the bargain – disposed of.

The group storms an American Embassy residence in London and hold the US Secretary of State (Richard Widmark) and the Chief of the Strategic Air Command (Robert Webber) hostage while they demand the bombing of a US submarine base in Scotland.

Scotland Yard, the SAS, and Skellen, in particular, are faced with an awesome dilemma, the resolution to which is grippingly unfurled in a tale of lip-biting tension.

Collins, managing to look stern-faced throughout, lives up to his tough-guy image in his starring film debut in this British action movie that was inspired by the 1980 storming of the Iranian Embassy in London by the SAS.

Despite the presence of veterans Widmark and Davis, though, it’s not much more than a glamorised episode of TV series The Professionals, which at least had some wit and spark in the person of Gordon Jackson.

Captain Peter Skellen
Lewis Collins
Frankie Leith
Judy Davis
Secretary of State Curry
Richard Widmark
Commander Powell
Edward Woodward
General Ira Potter
Robert Webber
Colonel Hadley
Tony Doyle
John Duttine
Bishop Crick
Kenneth Griffith
Jenny Skellen
Rosalind Lloyd
Ingrid Pitt
Norman Rodway
Major Steele
Maurice Roëves
Bob Sherman
Albert Fortell
Mark Ryan
Police Commissioner
Patrick Allen
Aharon Ipalé
Sir Richard
Paul Freeman
Allan Mitchell
Mr Martin
Richard Coleman
Sergeant Pope
Nigel Humphreys
Stephen Bent
Jon Morrison
Ziggy Byfield
Michel Forrest
Ambassador Franklin
Don Fellows
Senator Kohoskie
Allan Gifford
Harold Staunton
John Woodnutt
Nick Brimble
Mary Tinker
Meg Davis
Lynne Miller
Tariq Yunus
Bruce White
Patrick Gordon
Niall Padden
Tony Osoba
Glyn Baker
Ben Howard
Alyn Renwick
Peter Turner
Simon Haywood
Ralph Arliss
Ewan Stewart
Billy McBain

Ian Sharp