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Wholly Moses! (1980)

Let’s not mince words. Wholly Moses was a stinker! It was a half-arsed biblical spoof about a character called Herschel (Dudley Moore) who was hidden as a baby in the same bulrushes as Moses.

The grown-up Herschel marries Moses’ sister-in-law and then overhears the Lord’s instructions to Moses but mistakenly believes they are meant for his ears . . .

It was cringingly embarrassing right from the start and savaged the talents of Dudley Moore, Madeline Kahn, Richard Pryor, John Ritter and Dom DeLuise.

Moore had top-billing but was excruciatingly unfunny, and the whole concept was executed far more successfully in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian in 1979. Moore also starred in a modern-day wraparound sequence as New York history professor, Harvey, taking a low budget tour of the Holy Land.

While exploring a cave with fellow tourist Zoey (Laraine Newman of Saturday Night Live), Harvey discovers an ancient scroll that tells the story of a man named Herschel. Most of the film depicts that story.

Thou Shalt Not Laugh.

Harvey Orkin/Herschel
Dudley Moore
Laraine Newman
James Coco
Angel of the Lord
Paul Sand
Jack Gilford
Dom DeLuise
John Houseman
Madeline Kahn
David L Lander
Richard Pryor
John Ritter
Egyptian Captain
Tom Baker

Gary Weis