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Wildcats Of St Trinian’s, The (1980)

Pupils of the infamous St Trinian’s establish the first branch of the ‘Union of British Schoolgirls’, then kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Arab prince (played by future Eurovision non-winner Frances Ruffelle) in an attempt at gaining recognition.

In truth, there was only one genuinely funny entry – The Belles of St Trinian’s (1954) – in the five-film series, with each subsequent instalment failing more dismally than the last to match the comic anarchy of the original movie.

Why director Frank Launder felt the need to return to the old place after a 14-year hiatus is hard to fathom, especially as he could only come up with this lame story about kidnapping and strikes, which is essentially an excuse for some scantily clad sixth-formers and lots of dodgy gags. You can only admire the cast for giving it a go.


Olga Vandemeer
Sheila Hancock
Sir Charles Hackforth
Michael Hordern
Flash Harry
Joe Melia
Hugo Culpepper-Brown
Thorley Walters
wildcats7Peregrine Butters
Rodney Bewes
Miss Brenner
Deborah Norton
Katy Higgs
Maureen Lipman
Dolly Dormancott
Julia McKenzie
Mrs Mowbray
Ambrosine Philpotts
Miss Martingale
Rose Hill

Frank Launder