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Witchery (1988)

This Italian horror movie has Baywatch and Knight Rider TV star David Hasselhoff as Gary, a photographer staying in an abandoned hotel on a deserted (seemingly) Massachusetts island with his beautiful writer girlfriend Leslie (Leslie Cumming) who is researching a book about witches.

Gary is also hoping to relieve Leslie of her virginity while they are there – but she’s determined to stay a virgin.

His plans are scuppered by the unexpected arrival of property developers Freddie and Rose Brooks (Robert Champagne and Annie Ross), their pregnant daughter Jane (Linda Blair), son Tommy (Michael Manchester), pretty nymphomaniac architect Linda Sullivan (Catherine Hickland, Hasselhoff’s then-wife), and estate agent Jerry (Rick Farnsworth), who have come to inspect the island’s hotel.

Unfortunately for all concerned, the hotel is also home to the spirit of an evil German-speaking witch (played by German actress and singer Hildegard Knef), who requires human sacrifices in order to bring herself back to life.

One by one, victims are pulled into another dimension via a swirling red vortex before meeting a terrible fate.

Lots of bloody and disturbing deaths occur. Rose has her mouth stitched up and she’s hung upside down in a fireplace and burned – although nobody misses (or smells) her! Virginal Leslie is raped by a grotesque guy with a bloody mouth, but nobody hears her screams.

Realtor Jerry is crucified and burnt alive, Jane is tortured by witches and impaled on a swordfish (!), Freddie’s veins pulsate and erupt in geysers of blood, Gary gets stabbed in the back, and witches eat a dead baby . . .

Despite all that (and a Sesame Street tape recorder) this Italian production is still boring. The acting is atrocious (especially poor young Micahel Manchester), to the extent that “The Hoff” comes across as the best actor in the ensemble – which speaks volumes.

It was filmed in Massachusetts and was called Ghosthouse II in England.

David Hasselhoff
Jane Brooks
Linda Blair
Linda Sullivan
Catherine Hickland
Rose Brooks
Annie Ross
Lady In Black
Hildegard Knef
Leslie Cumming
Freddie Brooks
Robert Champagne
Jerry Giordano
Rick Farnsworth
Tommy Brooks
Michael Manchester
Tony Giordano
Frank Cammarata
Victoria Biggers
Ely Coughlin
Kara Lynch
Jamie Hanes
Richard Ladenburg

Fabrizio Laurenti (Martin Newlin)