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Woman In Red, The (1984)

This comedy remake of the 1977 French farce Pardon Mon Affaire stars Gene Wilder (who also wrote and directed), Kelly LeBrock, Gilda Radner and Charles Grodin.

Middle-aged Teddy Pierce (Wilder) becomes infatuated with Charlotte (LeBrock making her feature film debut), a model featuring in his company’s advertising campaign and embarks on a charm offensive.

womaninred3However, cheating on his wife (Judith Ivey) proves a harder task than he expected, especially since his prim coworker (Gilda Radner) thinks his romantic overtures are meant for her.

One of the enduring cinema images of the 1980s is Kelly LeBrock dancing over a parking garage air vent in her flame-red dress à la Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, hypnotising an awe-struck Gene Wilder in the opening scene.

The rest of this warm-hearted and amusing story of obsession and extramarital longings doesn’t quite live womaninred5up to this promising opening, but it’s a movie that just about holds the attention.

The heart of the movie is the recurring scenes between Pierce and his buddies – Charles Grodin, Joe Bologna and Michael Huddleston. They play tennis together, brag about their conquests and indulge in juvenile frat-house pranks that we’re meant to find boyishly exuberant and witty.

The movie was not well-received by critics, who recommended Wilder should reconsider before trying to write, direct and star in a movie again.

Stevie Wonder‘s hit single I Just Called to Say I Love You features on the soundtrack.

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Pierce
Gene Wilder
Kelly LeBrock
Charles Grodin
Joseph Bologna
Judith Ivey
Michael Huddleston
Ms Milner
Gilda Radner
Kyle T Heffner
Michael Zorek

Gene Wilder