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Young Einstein (1988)

A chap called Yahoo Serious wrote, produced, directed and starred in this Australian spoof biography of Albert Einstein – a Naive Tasmanian scientist who invents rock ‘n’ roll (to impress Marie Curie) and successfully splits the beer atom and is then sent to the Australian mainland to make his family’s fortune from the breakthrough.

As he develops a series of bizarre inventions, he falls foul of a jealous rival who plans to exploit his genius for profit.

While Yahoo tries his best to be as moronic and nerdy as is ‘coolly’ possible, Pee Wee Herman he is not. Lots of energy and colour almost cover up the lack of any substantial jokes . . . but hey, it’s not at all bad for a one-man effort from down-under.


The film was savaged by US critics when it opened in the States – calling it “haphazard”, “dull” and “dumb” – which was a serious blow to Serious, whose backers spent $10 million promoting the film in Australia – $4 million more than the movie cost to make. It was a big hit Down Under, as could be expected.

Watch out for music from The Lime Spiders and The Stems.

Albert Einstein
Yahoo Serious
Marie Curie
Odile Le Clezio
Preston Preston
John Howard
Mr Einstein
Pee Wee Wilson
Mrs Einstein
Su Cruickshank
Charles Darwin
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Wilbur Wright
Esben Storm
The blonde
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