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Zapped! (1982)

An entertaining cross between Porky’s and Carrie which stars Scott Baio, alias Chachi from Happy Days, as Barney, a nerdy high-school senior who gets zapped in a chem-lab explosion, and finds he has the power to move objects by thought alone.


Cue lots of teen high jinks, such as telekinetically divesting the busty local girls of their blouses, and taking control of the ball during a school baseball game.

There are further tips of the hat to De Palma’s seminal 1976 shocker, Carrie, only this is much more madcap and surprisingly amusing.

The 1989 sequel, Zapped Again! had a new kid in town (Todd Eric Andrews) inheriting the zap powers. Also appearing were Linda Blair, Karen Black (in a small role), Sue Anne Langon (returning from the original) and Lyle Alzado. How bad was it? Scriptwriter Bruce Rubin had his name removed to try and avoid any further embarrassment.

It probably all seems a bit sexual assault-y to modern audiences.

Barney Springboro
Scott Baio
Peyton Nicholszappedposter_071
Willie Aames
Robert Mandan
Felice Schachter
Dexter Jones
Scatman Crothers
Mr Springboro
Roger Bowen
Mrs Springboro
Marya Small
Robert Wolcott
Greg Bradford
Corrine Updike
Hilary Beane
Rose Burnhart
Sue Ane Langdon
Jane Mitchell
Heather Thomas
Roscoe Brown
Hardy Keith
Curt Ayers
Cary Cooter
Merritt Butrick
Melissa Granger
Jennifer Chaplin
‘Too Mean’ Levine
Irwin Keyes
Ron Deutsch
Eddie Deezen
Father Murray
Bryan O’Byrne
Father Gallagher
Ed Bakey
Albert Einstein
Jan Leighton
Mrs Jones
LaWanda Page
Rosanne Katon
Sandy Serrano
Susan Ursitti
Corine Borher

Robert J Rosenthal