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Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1991)

An alien called Secundus (Danish bodybuilder Sven-Ole Thorsen) arrives on Earth with a laser gun and asks a woman called Sonia Murray (Marjorie Bransfield), “Are you a birthing member of the human race?”

Before she can answer, he impregnates her with a potentially destructive mutant embryo – just by touching her – and she instantly has a baby.

Five years later, a good alien “policeman” called Abraxas (Jesse “the Body” Ventura) arrives on Earth with a laser gun – and a ratty ponytail. He falls for Sonia and tries to protect her mute 5-year-old boy, Tommy (Francis Mitchell), who has mysterious powers.

This all takes place in and around a small, snowy New York State town just before Christmas (although it was actually filmed in Ontario, Canada).

Jim Belushi shows up as the school principal in this Terminator ripoff.

It’s a cheesy low-budget straight-to-video B-movie with a highly derivative script and soundtrack right out of a softcore porn film.

Jesse Ventura
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Damian Lee
Jerry Levitan
Sonia Murray
Marjorie Bransfield
Ken Quinn
Abraxas’ Answer Box (voice)
Marilyn Lightstone
Secundus’ Answer Box (voice)
Moses Znaimer
Sonia’s Father
Robert Nasmith
Sonia’s Mother
Kris Michaels
Registry Clerk
Layne Coleman
Thomas D. Murray
Francis Mitchell
Sonja Belliveau
Principal Latimer
Jim Belushi

Damian Lee