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Air Force One (1997)

US President James Marshall (Harrison Ford), is returning home from Russia with his wife and daughter on the presidential jumbo when it is hijacked by a ruthless gang of Russian terrorists.

Their leader, Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman), demands the release of an imprisoned general or else he will kill a passenger every half hour.

The Americans love their president and Hollywood loves putting him into its movies. And who better to play him as a highly decorated war hero than Indiana Jones himself.

The President decides to fight back and escapes into the plane’s hold. Meanwhile, Vice President Bennett (Glenn Close) is left to take Ivan’s phone calls in Washington.

If you liked Die Hard 2, you’ll enjoy the mid-air mayhem in this stunt-filled thriller that’s brimming with nasty villains and daring deeds.

President James Marshall
Harrison Ford
Ivan Korshunov
Gary Oldman
Vice President Kathryn Bennett
Glenn Close
Grace Marshall
Wendy Crewson
Alice Marshall
Liesel Matthews
Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd
Paul Guilfoyle
Agent Gibbs
Xander Berkeley
Major Caldwell
William H Macy
Defence Secretary Walter Dean
Dean Stockwell
National Security Adviser Jack Doherty
Tom Everett
General Radek
Jürgen Prochnow
Boris Bazylev
Andrew Divoff
General Northwood
Bill Smitrovich
US Attorney General Ward
Philip Baker Hall

Wolfgang Petersen