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All-American Murder (1991)

Christopher Walken is Detective Decker in this dumb but entertaining direct-to-video Twin Peaks inspired feature. It was made in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Anson Williams – the guy who played Potsie on Happy Days – and shot in just 22 days.

Artie Logan (Charlie Schlatter), a fast-talking, troublemaking, pyromaniac son of a judge, is enrolled at a fine college and told to straighten out or else.

He immediately has sex with the dean’s wife (Joanna Cassidy), falls for the perfect blonde cheerleader, and is blamed when she goes up in slow-motion flames.

Many more people die while the tough but intelligent and sympathetic maverick Decker and the frantic Artie try to discover who the killer might be.

Incriminating sex photos appear, and a deaf handyman with a power drill adds some gore effects.

The absurd end of this red-herring-filled mystery will leave you astounded (or angry as hell).

P.J. Decker
Christopher Walken
Artie Logan
Charlie Schlatter
Tally Fuller
Josie Bissett
Erica Darby
Joanna Cassidy
Dean Darby
Craig Stout
Lou Alonzo
Richard Kind
Frank Harley
Woody Watson
Doug Sawyer
Mitchell Anderson
Wendy Stern
Amy Davis
Harry Forbes
J.C. Quinn
Laurie Grant
Angie Brown
Judge Logan
Tim Green
Jim Clark Jr.
Campus Police
James Frank Clark
Doran Ingram

Anson Williams