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Alligator II: The Mutation (1991)

Joseph Bologna stars as night shift cop David Hodges in what’s basically a PG-13 remake of the original Alligator movie (1980).

Deep in the sewers beneath the city of Regent Park, a baby alligator feeds on the experimental animals discarded by Future Chemicals Corporation. Nourished by toxic growth hormones and other mutating chemicals, the gator grows immense in size and voracious in appetite.

Bologna is good, and so are Richard Lynch as knife-throwing Cajun gator hunter Hawk Hawkins, and Steve Railsback as Vinnie Brown, a killer real-estate developer.

The giant gator attack-fest is OK but too much time is spent on the rookie cop and his new love interest.

Also with Brock Peters as police chief Speed; Dee Wallace-Stone as Hodges’ lab technician wife; Bill Daily from I Dream of Jeannie as the corrupt mayor; soapie star Holly Gagnier; Woody Brown, and Professor Tanaka (as a wrestler called Tokyo Joe).

The film was made for ABC-TV but was picked up for theatrical distribution by New Line.

David Hodges
Joseph Bologna
Christine Hodges
Dee Wallace-Stone
Hawk Hawkins
Richard Lynch
Rich Harmon
Woody Brown
Sheri Anderson
Holly Gagnier
Mayor Anderson
Bill Daily
Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Brown
Steve Railsback
Chief Speed
Brock Peters
J.J. Hodges
Trevor Eyster
Vojislav Govedarica
Buckley Norris
Reuben Ruiz
Julian Reyes
Lynn Holly
Deborah White
Bill Anderson
J.A. Luco
Harlan Arnold
Tokyo Joe
Professor Toru Tanaka

Jon Hess